Wired Wood Alertamat

The Wired Wood Alertamat is a robust, long-life Alertamat system for use on the floor with a wood safety floor finish. It is the world’s first and only genuine wood finish fall prevention mat. The Wired Wood Alertamat is an ideal solution for situations where a dementia user may try to avoid the mat.

The Wired Wood Alertamat is most effective when placed at the bedside or doorway, it activates an alarm to provide the caregiver with advanced warning when a user at risk of falling leaves their safe zone. Alarm activation will alert the caregiver to ascertain the user’s safety.

The Wired Wood Alertamat connects to a nurse call system with a 3 metre cable provided or can operate as a stand-alone unit independent of a nurse call system with an Alerta Alarm Monitor (sold separately), giving localised alerts.

The Wired Wood Alertamat comes with a unique built-in “Y” cable, providing a spare socket for other Alerta devices to be connected – using only one nurse call point.


Key Features & Benefits

  • – Plug-and-play system
  • – Genuine non-slip base
  • – Luxury wood finish
  • – Long lasting welded seals and strong wiring
  • – Hygienic, antibacterial easy-clean material
  • – Large size avoids chance of overstepping
  • – Dementia friendly
  • – Connect to nurse call system or stand-alone alarm monitor
  • – Breakaway cable to reduce trip hazard and prevent damage
  • – Dimensions: 55 x 80cm (21.5 x 31.5″)
  • – System includes: 1x Wood Alertamat and 1x 3 metre cable