EmTherm 2D

Free space in the Pre-OP, OP or ICU is always at a premium and large warming cabinets are often relegated away from the point of care. The solution is the EmTherm 2D, a convenient mid-sized cabinet for which a place can always be found. A mobile unit with a capacity of 60 Liters, It features 2 draws for pre-warming and storing IV fluids, irrigation fluids, gel pads and accessories (textiles, syringes, instruments etc.). When additional capacity is required, the EmTherm 1D is designed to fit perfectly on top of the 2D. Self-closing drawers, anti-static lockable castors and a simple to use control panel enhance the robust construction. Hygiene is of paramount importance in critical settings and the EmTherm 2D, with its removable draws, has been designed for easy cleaning both outside and in. Approx. load capacity:


Warming cabinet for fluids and blankets EmTherm 2D

  • 24 bottles of 1000 ml
  • or 40 bottles of 500 ml
  • or 4 bags of 5000 ml
  • or 6 bags of 3000 ml

Features & Benefits:

EM-MED has developed warming cabinets for fluid prewarming that are practical, convenient and very effective.Key features and benefits of EmTherm 2D include:


  • uses latest temperature control regulation technology
  • high thermal convective characteristics
  • adjustable temperature from 25°C to 42°C according to individual needs


  • compact unit with capacity of 60L
  • easily operated
  • quiet operation
  • stand by mode
  • drawers with self-closing mechanism
  • optional data recording and data transfer possibility


  • electronic and mechanical safety mechanism preventing overheating
  • fully approved to medical device standards
  • optical and acoustic alarms if drawers are left open
  • energy-saving insulation
  • energy efficient servo controlled heating and ventilation