What We Offer


Besides the products, we at Gemilang also provide our customers with extended service such as :-

Vaporizer Service, Calibration & Conversion

We are specialist in Vaporizers service, calibration and conversion of the following vaporizers:-

  • OhmedaTec 3 , 4, 5 , 6 & 7
  • Blease Datum
  • Vapamasta 5
  • Vapamasta 6
  • Penlon Sigma

We specialize in converting all Halothene Vaporizers to Isoflourane Vaporizers.

Biomedical Services

Our range of products supplied are fully supported by our technical team. We focus on after sales services as one the prime strengths of our business. We provide contract services, ad-hoc services and breakdown services to all our customers. We also provide user trainings and technical trainings for end users and biomedical personnel to ensure their familiarity and confidence in using our range of products.

We also provide service and repair of various anaesthesia and ICU range of products such as GA machines, monitors and ventilators.

Our engineers have vast experience in handling medical equipment. Our technical team is  equipped with state of the art medical testers to provide the best and reliable services to our customers.

Nurse Call System

Real time RFID solution unlike any other comparably placed system currently available. Using RFID technology and custom software, eZone provides everything that a conventional nurse call system does and more.

Designed around care providers unfulfilled needs and their specific requirements to cope with current legislative demands. The increasing levels of care required by clients within the care industry demanded a fresh approach to care systems that had stagnated for many years with no real innovation or adoption of new technology.