Lumbar Puncture

Needles for Atraumatic Lumbar Puncture

Together with Pajunk, Prof. Sprotte developed the Sprotte, the first atraumatic needle for lumbar puncture.
The secret of its success can be found in its unique tip geometry and basic architecture. This design, developed especially for the requirements of dural puncture, allows for an atraumatic puncture of the ligamentary structures and optimises CSF flow while reducing the incidence of post-lumbar puncture headaches (PLPH).
Sprotte decreases complications of lumbar puncture and increases the safety of application, and the efficiency of diagnostics.

The Lumbal puncture is an indispensable instrument for diagnostics and therapy controle of inflammatory and oncological diseases of the central nervous system. The PAJUNK® atraumatic SPROTTE® cannula sets standards for the security of the invasive intervention.


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Sprotte® Lumbar Features & Advantages

1. Atraumatic Tip

  • Displaces tissue with minimal injury1
  • Dura fibres close again
  • Excellent tactile feedback
  • Minimise chance for PLPH

2. Lateral Eye

  • Burr-free
  • Rounded atraumatic edges
  • Optimised gliding properties
  • Minimum tissue particle carry-over into the spinal space

3. Optimal Lateral Eye Size and Placement

  • Unobstructed backflow, even if the eye is partially blocked by the arachnoid membrane

4. Custom-fit Stylet

  • Lateral eye closes precisely2
  • Polished, rounded tip prevents abrasion on the inner needle tube

5. Highest Processing Quality

  • High quality stainless steel needle for increased stability
  • Smoothly polished and burr-free surface and inner lumen for optimisation of gliding properties and CSF backflow

6. Needle Hub with Reduced Inner Space

  • Fast detection of cerebrospinal fluid for secure placement
  • Immediate detection of even the smallest quantities of CSF

7. Colour Coded Hub with Size Indication

  • Wide needle range with different diameters and lengths
  • Special designs for pediatrics and obese patients

8. Introducer with Facet Tip

  • Diameter and length perfectly matched to each needle size
  • Useable working lenght of the spinal needle is reduced only minimally by the Introducer
  • When inserted into the Introducer, the needle tip is not damaged by the funnel-shaped inner contour