The Astopad System for patient warming provides completely new opportunities for preventing hypothermia and pressure sores by increasing patient safety and consequently reducing post-operative recovery time. The Astopad System is made for routine use in the full range of surgical scenarios such as OT, recovery room, ICU and the dialysis wards. The control unit heats and controls two (2) heating blankets independently of one another. The Astopad heated blankets are soft and supple and can be used either as under-blankets or as top blankets. The heated blankets come in a variety of sizes; from new-borns to adult applications. All heated blankets are X-ray-permeable carbon fibre braids which are controlled by 8 temperature sensors close to the patient. These blankets can be washed down and disinfected.


The advantages of Astopad are :

Two (2) patients can be warmed independently of each other using one control unit (In recovery room and on the wards). One (1) patient can be warmed from above and below simultaneously using one control unit (In the OT and ICU).

ASTOPAD® is a reusable, flexible patient warming system. The patient can bewarmed all-over from above and below simultaneously.