Combined Spinal-Epidural

Needles and Catheter Sets for Combined Spinal-Epidural Anaesthesia

With EpiSpin and EpiSpin Lock, Pajunk makes it possible to use the combined spinal-epidural technique in one sophisticated product. While spinal anaesthesia can take action rapidly, epidural anaesthesia allows for post-op pain management and is escpecially suitable for labour anaesthesia.

The EpiSpin and EpiSpin Lock products are available as stand-alone needles or as full CSE catheter sets.

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EpiSpin Lock


Unique CSE Needle System with Locking Mechanism, Back-eye Tuohy and SPROTTE needle



With EpiSpin Lock, Pajunk combines two techniques into one product: Atraumatic spinal anesthesia using the SPROTTE® needle, and continuous epidural catheter placement using the Tuohy needle. The EpiSpin Lock offers smooth spinal puncture while minimising needle tip damage through the back-eye opening on the distal end of the Tuohy needle. With the integrated locking mechanism, the Sprotte needle is stabilised for the injection of anesthetic while reducing the risk of a needle displacement.

EpiSpin Lock Overview