Astoflo Plus

The Astoflo Plus is the universal warming device for all infusions and blood products for operating theatres, ICUs and all other medical departments. All medical fluids are warmed in the electric heating profiles in the standard infusion set and kept warm right up to the patient cannula. The heating profile with three (3) integrated temperature sensors guarantees optimum warming and maximum safety through flow-dependent control. The fluid is actively heated on its way to the patient right up to the patient cannula, through a dry flow process. Solutions which have been pre-warmed externally are kept warm right up to the patient, even at high flow rates. Adjustable temperature range of the heating profile is from 33°C to 43°C.  Two different profiles are available which differ in external diameter of either 4 – 5 mm or 6 – 7 mm. The Astoflo Plus is the easiest and most economical way to effectively warm all infusions and transfusions.