Specialty Needles

Specialty Product Solutions for Ultrasound Guided Mamma Localistation and Seeds Implantation

Extending the standard Biopsy offering, Pajunk offers specialty product solutions for ultrasound guided mamma localistation and seeds implantation.

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MammaLoc Sono

Echogenic Puncture Needle for Mamma Localisation

The use of ultrasound for puncture in biopsies is gaining importance. MammaLoc Sono is a mamma-localisation puncture set developed by Pajunk that allows for purposeful positioning of the localisation wire under ultrasound as a result of its innovative composition. The configuration and tip geometry has been designed so that the user can concentrate on the needle tip during the positioning of the localisation wire. Thanks to the “Cornerstone Reflectors” that are attached to the distal end of the needle shaft, the position of the puncture needle tip can be clearly identified at any time.


Precision for a Gentle Procedure

DeltaFix from Pajunk was developed especially for radiationtreatment of prostate gland carcinomata using radioactive seeds. In close cooperation and continuous coordination with leading physicians, the innovative conception of DeltaFix makes the implantation easier for the patient. In addition, it guarantees a gentler and more agreeable procedure in comparison with radical prostatectomy.