The ASTODIA diaphanoscope makes it easy to find blood vessels for reliable puncture. Likewise, the ASTODIA enables the identification of air or liquid-filled structures deep below the
skin’s surface (such as a pneumothorax, hydroceles).
The ASTODIA is particularly suitable for paediatrics and especially for premature and newborn babies. Veins and arterial vessels in the extremities can be clearly visualised for puncture
The ASTODIA possesses an orange and red high-power LED with adjustable brightness. The
orange light enables sharp contrast, and the red light increases the depth of penetration into
the tissue. This is useful for diagnosing pneumothorax or hydroceles.
The enhancements provided by ASTODIA make it possible to routinely use transillumination
for difficult-to-visualise vascular conditions.
When placed in a sterile cover, the ASTODIA can also be used for procedures such as the
placement of central catheters.