Ultipor 25 – BB25

With routine use of Pall’s Ultipor 25, it will protect the interior of the breathing system from patient-derived contamination, allowing extended use of the machine side of the breathing system.

Extends circuit life – enables multiple patient reuse of the machine side of the Pall Ultipor Anesthesia Breathing Circuit System and the CO2 monitoring line for up to 24 hours.

Reduces costs – lowers patient treatment costs by permitting use of Pall circuits on multiple patients.

Effective barrier – bidirectional, hydrophobic media provides protection against airborne and liquid-borne bacteria, viruses, and particulate matter to 99.999% efficiency.

Low resistance – unique pleated hydrophobic membrane assures low air flow resistance in dry and wet conditions.

Easy port seal – tethered monitoring port cap prevents detachment from the filter and easily seals the port when not in use.

Filter material – Pleated hydrophobic membrane Airborne bacterial/viral removal efficiency >99.999%

Liquid-borne bacteria/viral removal efficiency 100%

Internal Volume – Filter: 35 mL

Resistance – Approximately 3.6 cm H2O @ 60 L/min.

Usage – Single patient use for a maximum of 24 hours.