Ampla® Neonatal Total Care

Excellence in Neonatal Total Care.

Complete solution for delivery rooms, intensive care units, emergency departments, joint accommodations and surgical procedures, when it is necessary to keep the newborn heated through radiated heat with thermal stability, safety and easy access by the entire care team.


Main features

Panel with microprocessor control:
• 8.4″ color, with 23 functions and 19 graphic parameters;
• 5.5″ monochrome, with 23 functions and 11 graphic parameters;
• LED with 8.4″ viewing area.

• Table-type bed with fold down sides, manual and electric inclination adjustment, by-pass tray for X-rays, and viscoelastic, anti-allergic, radio-transparent mattress with memory effect;
• Bed with acrylic basket, manual inclination and anti-stress mattress.

• Three heating modes; Pre, Servo control and Manual;
• Easy to operate with buttons on the side of the screen and a spin knob for adjustments;
• Integrated SpO2 pulse oximeter;
• In-bed scale (table type) for up to 10 kg;
• X-rays facilitated by 180° rotational heating element;
• Ergonomic height adjustment of the bed unit;
• Auxiliary lighting.