Multipurpose unit for mechanical ventilation in resuscitation, surgery and intensive care departments or during transporting in clinic with continuous monitoring of gas exchange and evaluation of metabolism.

Intended use: artificial lung ventilation in operating rooms, resuscition and intensive care units, for hospital transportation.

It provides invasive mandatory and support noninvasive modes, as well as combined lung ventilation (combining jet high-frequency ventilation and regular standard frequency mechanical ventilation).


Patient age groups: adults, children, newborn infants, including prematures.

The lowest tidal volume for neonates is 1 ml with digital proximal flow sensor. Built-in adult/pediatric flow sensor does not require replacement during the whole shelf life.

Display: 15″,¬†touchscreen, color, viewing angle adjustment.

Power: 100-250V / 50-60 Hz, built-in battery, up to 6 h of operation.

Gas supply: built-in turbine; oxygen from central gas pipeline, cylinder or O2 concentrator.

USB port, connection to the central monitoring station.