Epidural Anaesthesia

Epidural anaesthesia has served as a proven anaesthetic method. PAJUNK® supports this modern form of puncture-technology close to the spinal cord with four epidural sets, differing in particular in the design of the Tuohy cannula and the epidural catheter: the EpiLong I Set, the EpiLong Tuohy Set, the EpiLong Soft Set and the EpiLong Soft Sono Set.

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The novelties at a glance:



The new EpiLong Soft Catheter is fitted with six openings on the catheter tip. They facilitate perfectly uniform distribution of the anaesthetic, which provides optimal development of the effectiveness.




Tuohy Sono
The patented „Cornerstone“ reflectors are integrated throughout the cannula. Their “three-walled” indendation guarantees reflection of ultrasonic waves independent of the cannula puncture angle.