EmTherm 3DS

Warmed blankets in the Pre-OP add to the comfort and psychological well-being of the patient while in the Post OP and recovery rooms they can also help to mitigate any inadvertent peri-operative hypothermia. Warming patients pre- and post-operatively reduces incidences of post-operation infections, reduces the over prescription of antibiotics and consequently reducing the financial burden on health services. The Emtherm 3DS is a mobile warming cabinet with a 300L capacity that has been designed for the pre-warming of blankets and textiles up to 70°C. Internal lighting is an added feature in the 3DS. 5 removable and height adjustable shelves give a storage flexibility to meet the most discerning requirements while the robust wheels allow movement for floor cleaning. Heavy-duty construction and hardware ensure many years of trouble free operation while the high grade insulation of the chamber keeps running costs to a minimum


EmTherm 3DS a blanket and fluid warmer

Features & Benefits:

EM-MED has developed warming cabinets for fluid prewarming that are practical, convenient and very effective.

Key features and benefits of EmTherm 3DS include:


  • uses latest temperature control regulation technology
  • high thermal convective characteristics
  • adjustable temperature from 25°C to 70°C according to individual needs


  • compact unit with capacity of 300L
  • easily operated
  • quiet operation
  • stand by mode
  • doors with self-closing mechanism
  • optional data recording and data transfer possibility


  • electronic and mechanical safety mechanism preventing overheating
  • fully approved to medical device standards
  • optical and acoustic alarms if doors are left open
  • energy-saving insulation
  • energy efficient servo controlled heating and ventilation