Effective hydrophobic barrier – The Pall pleated hydrophobic membrane provides effective protection against potential contamination by airborne and liquid-borne microorganisms.

The Pall BB50T filter has been specifically validated to remove Hepatitis C virus, HIV, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Staphylococcus aureus.

Latex safety – The Pall BB50T is free of natural rubber latex. Pall Breathing filters have been tested to retain natural rubber latex allergens in liquids and contained in airborneparticles.

Compatible with nebulisation – Removes aerosolised ribavirin, pentamidine, histamine and methacholine exhaust droplets to protect staff and the environment from exposure to medications.

Protects machine transducers against water and nebulised medication damage, minimising costly down time.

Filter material – Pleated hydrophobic membrane.

Resistance at 60 L/min – Approx. 1.0 cm H20

Airborne bacterial/viral removal efficiency – >99.999%

Liquid-borne bacteria/viral removal efficiency – 100%

Filter volume – Approx. 90 mL

Usage – Machine end 24 h max