Lipipor TNA1E

The Pall Lipipor TNA filter set is an air-elimination filter for use with any nutritional IV administration containing lipids and lipid emulsions. It is indicated for the removal of particulate debris, microbial contaminants, and entrained air that may be found in solutions intended for IV administration.


It offers patient protection against:

Air – preventing air embolism

Particles – protecting the circulatory system against the undesirable effects of infusing particulate contamination including flocculates and precipitates protecting the peripheral vein during infusion

Oversize Lipid Droplets – Significantly reducing the number of large lipid droplets in admixtures

Micro-organisms – reducing the risk of infection due to inadvertently contaminated infusates, particularly with fungi of clinical importance

Filter Media – 1.2 µm Pall Lipipor Nylon membrane

Priming Volume – 1.5 mL

Sterility – Sterile and non-pyrogenic fluid pathway

Tubing Extension – Phthalate-free

Maximum Recommended Flow Rate – 300 mL/hour