The Pill 02

Tray of medication for the transport of 64 trays, designed to prepare in him the doses of medicines that the nurses must supply to the patients.

Medication trolleys prepared for drug delivery


  • Made of steel with epoxy-polyester coating that protects against oxidation.
  • It also has anodized aluminum profiles, protecting the car from unintentional knocks.
  • Upper plan made of ABS / PC with flange on all four sides.
  • Phenolic walls.
  • In the interior zone they have cranes adapted of ABS, for the placement of the trays.
  • It has two (2) sliding doors laterally, of shutter style.
  • Four (4) Ø125mm wheels, with brake in two of them.
  • Ergonomic pusher on one side, which facilitates the auxiliary task.
  • Capacity for 64 trays (BLP-3100) for weekly distribution with 7 removable dispensers.

Technical Information:

Total height 1116mm.
Overall Width 1150 mm.
Total Depth 527 mm.
Maximum load weight 60 kg.


  • Accessory bar
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Paper bin
  • Door gloves
  • Fungible can holder.
  • Universal basket
  • Articulated Computer Support
  • Folding side tray
  • Support for catheters.
  • Soap holder
  • Side tray
  • Upper Tray