Tarsis stretcher offers a great versatility, easy and quick handling. The raising and lowering can be smoothly made by the hydraulic system with minimum handling effort.

The height levels are 680mm and 1060mm to facilitate the hospitals staff assistance labor.

Other important characteristics is that ensure the minimum space between the stretcher and other surfaces due to the variety of positions and the scamping rails makes the patient transfers easy, comfortable and quick.


  • Manually Trend / Antitrend.
  • Optional multiple use table.
  • The mattress platform module articulates by a gas shock absorber.
  • Multiple support for drainage bags and nasogastric tubes.

Technical Information:

Maximum length with headboard and footboard 2120 mm.
Total Width with side rails 860 mm.
Total Height 680 / 1060 mm.
Backrest max angle 70 ± 5
Trend / Reverse trend angles 12/8
Max Safe Working Load (SWL) 170 kg.


  • 4 tubes side rails
  • IV pole
  • Trapeze bar
  • Multifunctional table
  • Screen holder table
  • Bottles carrying