MV300 is multifunctional mechanical ventilator that effectively provides all necessary functions for reliable and safety respiratory support of all patient groups: adult, children and infants.

MV300 includes large number of innovative functions that were developed in close cooperation with leading Russian medical experts. The device provides continuous monitoring of gas exchange and evaluation of metabolic needs and has mode of intellectual adaptive ventilation.

MV300 provides invasive mandatory and assisted as well as non-invasive ventilation.

Friendly, intuitive interface allows using the device by medical personnel of different qualification.


Intended use: artificial lung ventilation in operation rooms, resuscition and intensive care units, for hospital transportation.

Patient types: adult, pediatric, infant.

Display: 15“ , touchscreen, color, viewing angle adjustment.

Gas supply: built-in turbine; oxygen from central gas pipeline, cylinder or O2 concentrator.

Mobile rack-trolley, pneumatic nebulizer, USB.

Power: 100–250 V, 50/60 Hz, built-in battery, up to 6 h of operation.