FrontRow Conductor

Imagine being able to adjust bell schedules with the click of a mouse. Imagine being able to use audio and video to alert every classroom about a coming tornado. FrontRow Conductor is a modern networked based paging, bell, and intercom system. Being a network based system makes it very easy to manage – so easy that a school can make changes themselves without having to call in outside help!Conductor combines an easy-to-use Windows® interface, an enterprise-class audio and device management server, and robust streaming audio hardware to deliver audio where and when it’s needed. You get a secure and reliable school-wide communications platform that integrates all audio — scheduled, live or recorded — and provides complete flexibility to meet changing needs. By integrating with your networks, IP telephone systems and classroom A/V, Conductor drives operational and financial benefits unavailable in any other solution.


  • Easily set       and adjust bell schedules for standard or irregular days
  • Create and       manage robust emergency alert communications – including       audio and visual messaging, and mass notifications
  • Flexible       zoning of schools for efficient       school-wide communications
  • Smart  audio prioritization –  ensures that the most important audio is always heard clearly

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