Precision Temperature
Management System
Safe. Simple. Efficient.

One Machine. One System. Patient warming and cooling can be critical in achieving positive patient outcomes. Altrix provides the optimal choice for patient temperature management with precision, versatility and speed; all in one safe, easily operated system that can be used in all clinical settings.

One Machine.
Universal Temperature Management.
Simplicity is integral in highly critical, low frequency situations. The simple, versatile design of Altrix ensures it can be easily used in all clinical settings, for both traditional and
critical applications.

One Machine.
Maximum Efficiency.
Fast Therapy Management means Altrix can reach water target temperatures 40% faster, and patient target temperatures 20% faster than traditional systems.*

One Machine.
Dependable Precision.
Accuracy in therapy management is critical, which is why Altrix measures patient temperatures every 1.3 seconds. This rapid responsiveness uses thousands of power settings to achieve steady state patient control with ± 0.1° C*.

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