Density 650 Fresh

Sandwich type mattress for high ulceration risk patients, laying in bed for at least 15 hours per day, as well as to palliate pressure ulcers or sores at intermediate stage.


  • HR polyurethane foam, Freefoam (30 kg/m3), with open cells, that allows high air circulation through the foam, with a great breathability; 10 cm. of height.
  • Intermediate layer made of thermofoam viscolastic (50 kg/m3), with 3 cm. height, which improve the adaptation capacity to the patient and his comfort.
  • Upper layer in Rafrechi® (50 kg/m3) viscolastic foam, as well as the intermediate layer, but in this case the foam is refreshed for a greater breathability and to avoid patient maceration; 2 cm. height.

Technical Information:

Available widths 80/85/90 cm.
Available lengths 180/190/200 cm.
Core height 15 cm.
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