The outcome of thorough research, development and engineering was the creation of a highly sophisticated power-assisted roll-in stretcher which eases operators’ job.


  • Lightweight, industrial-strength construction, combination of aluminum, polymers and composite materials
  • Oval tubes bring high load capacity
  • Pneumatic height control and maintenance free system (easy-lift-up®) allows adjustment of the height at any level as desired and reduces the operator´s physical effort
  • Power-assisted stretcher
  • High protection against unexpected stretcher fall
  • User friendly and non-problematic operation, safe loading and unloading from ambulance
  • Gas spring operated mechanism provides easier manipulation of the back rest and feet rest
  • Gas spring operated mechanism provides easier manipulation of the knee rest and head rest (Advanced option)
  • Industrial-strength wheel material (polymer and composite) with rotation possibility of front wheels
  • Stretcher detachable from the trolley
  • Bed side rails slide or rotate downwards with full protection of operator´s hands and provides easy patient access from both sides
  • Universal telescopic infusion holder (optional)
  • Four telescopic extendable handles with easy releasing button
  • Ergonomic main handles design
  • Ergonomic mattress
  • Pilot restraint system (optional)


Product Code R-S-RS-VRX-01 R-S-RS-VRX-02
Type Standard Option Advanced Option (neck + knee position)
Material Aluminium + Composite + Stainless Steel Aluminium + Composite + Stainless Steel
Length (cm)   195 195
Width (cm)  54 54
Height Max. (cm)  108 108
Height Min. (cm) 39 39
Weight (kg) 53 53
Loading Height (cm) 69 69
Loading Capacity (kg)  270 270
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