Knowledge Empowerment Division

1.       Creative and Innovation

This program is to deliberate creativity process for solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities. You’ll learn the methods and processes of creative thinking and problem solving.

  1. Creativity and Innovation Courses
    Training course objectives:
    • To enhance creative problem solving & effective decision-making ability
    • To be a creative and innovative team member
  2. Innovation Consulting Courses
    Training course objectives:
    • To enable to generate strategic planning
    • To facilitate new product development
    • To promote creative method of team building


2.       Personal Development

Successful people always focus on work related skills and also their own personal development. Our range of Personal Development courses are designed to improve your ability to interact more effectively with other professionals.

  1. Improving Relationships at Work Courses
    Training course objectives:

    • To able to analyze the effects of their behavior when dealing with others
    • To able to apply different techniques for pre-empting conflict
    • To able to communicate effectively by developing skills, knowledge and attitude to achieve success